BACK IN STOCK!! Premium Black Angus Steaks, Delivered to Your Door!

All-Natural Black Angus Steaks, From Our Pasture to Your Plate!

Proudly Pasture Raised in the Heart of "Bourbon Country" Kentucky



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Like to know where your food is sourced? Every single one of our incredible steaks came from an animal that was humanely raised on our ranch, from start to finish. No middleman, feedlot, industrial packing plant, wholesaler or retailer is involved. Direct from Our Pasture to Your Plate!

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Twin Creek Farms is a family-owned Black Angus cattle ranch in Kentucky. Our cattle are Pasture-Raised and our steaks are Dry-Aged. These All-Natural Premium Angus Steaks could be featured at the finest steakhouses in the country...or so our customers keep telling us! 

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Our goal is to provide you with the Ultimate Steak Experience, which is why our Dry-Aged Hand-Cut Artisan Steaks are larger and thicker than what you can simply pick up at your local grocery.

To ensure you receive the Highest Quality, we sell only USDA graded Prime and High-Choice Angus Steaks & Beef.

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Pasture Raised...Grain Finished!

The perfect blend for happy and healthy cattle.

Future Mommas!

These are some of our young females, known as heifers.

Relaxing in the sun!

Much deserved after a long and cold winter.