Twin Creek Farms Beef Program

  • We provide a Genuine Farm-to-Table experience; many online steak retailers source their product from an industrial packing plant, often by way of a commercial feedlot.
  • All our cattle are registered Black Angus; they are bred, born and Naturally Raised Hormone-Free right here on our family-owned farm.
  • Our cattle are free to roam in oversized pastures and NEVER see a crowded feed lot.
  • We exclusively sell Dry-Aged USDA Prime and High-Choice graded steaks.
  • Our Premium Hand-Cut Artisan Steaks are typically larger and thicker than what is available at your local grocery.

Twin Creek Farms is a family-owned and operated pure-bred black Angus cattle ranch located in Springfield, KY. Each of our animals is registered with the American Angus Association giving us the ability to track lineage back decades. Blood samples from all animals are also submitted to the Association giving us insight into each animal’s genetic characteristics. These results help to guide our breeding decisions of matching sire to dam and enable us to focus on the specific traits, such as tenderness and marbling, that we believe create the ultimate steak experience.   

While black angus cattle are most well known for their incredible beef qualities, they also excel in other areas: maternal instinct, docility and adaptability. Largely due to these traits, we are able to raise our herd in an all-natural way. No Hormones, No Steroids, No Growth-Promoting Antibiotics.

The best way for our herd to achieve their full genetic potential is to provide them with a stress-free, humane and healthy environment. The better you treat the animal the better the final product. With ample space to roam, our cattle are free to spend their days enjoying a wholesome diet of lush pasture grass, fresh hay and a custom grain blend designed by our nutritionist. 

All our steaks are dry-aged and hand-cut per our specifications and graded for quality by a USDA inspector in a USDA inspected local butcher shop. Only beef that grades Prime and High-Choice qualifies for our program, ensuring a memorable eating experience and consistent customer satisfaction. While only around 5% of cows in the US will grade Prime, our goal at Twin Creek Farms is to achieve 40%+ Prime beef. In fact, we are proud to say that our very first animal in our program graded USDA Prime (picture below).

At Twin Creek Farms, we believe that we raise some of the very best cattle in the country. It takes tremendous hard work and dedication to provide you these incredibly tender and mouthwatering steaks. We hope that you can taste it in every bite.

Ready for your Ultimate Steak Experience?